Subject: Re: NETBSD install in a working Win2k laptop
To: None <>
From: Amit Kulkarni <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/01/2001 18:52:39

I have found some problems with partition magic, like it doesn't let you 
configure everything totally, wraps it up in it's GUI. fdisk doesn't let you 
define more than 1 Primary partition per se. You have to fool fdisk...

If you are one of those guys who can't afford partition magic, you can 
always use Ranish partition manager which can create 4 primary partitions 
just after the time it's formatted. You can do so now too but you run the 
risk of nuking your existing Win 2k partition. You have to defrag, remove 
all junk, move your Virtual Memory down to 64Mb , defrag that VM before 
Windows boots using Pagedefrag

And then view it under the Ranish partition manager to see if you can do so. 
Actually I use a combination of both to see if I can cut it down to size.. 
50-50 chance it works, right now it didn't so I am working purely on Windows 
now. There's even a simulator if you are leery of working directly on your 
partitions. It creates big 16Mb files though and is just like the real 

Or you can get another PM like

I have played around a lot as I have all my backup on the secondary HDD so 
if you need any help offline me.

: C: (type NTFS) with 5757,6 MB Status = active, Primary
: *: extended with 5749,8 MB Status = none, Primary
: F: (type FAT) with 604,0 MB Status = none, Logical
: D: (type NTFS) with 5145,8 MB Status = none, Logical
: The partition F: is where I plan to install NetBSD 1.4.1. I know, from the
: installation notes, that I need to keep it as logical but convert it to an
: Active status. I didn't find the fdisk utility under the Win2k to make 
: change. This is the partition I want to boot with NetBSD.

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