Subject: Re: NETBSD install in a working Win2k laptop
To: Fernando Bitti Loureiro <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/01/2001 18:31:27
On Thu, 1 Nov 2001, Fernando Bitti Loureiro wrote:

: C: (type NTFS) with 5757,6 MB Status = active, Primary
: *: extended with 5749,8 MB Status = none, Primary
: F: (type FAT) with 604,0 MB Status = none, Logical
: D: (type NTFS) with 5145,8 MB Status = none, Logical
: The partition F: is where I plan to install NetBSD 1.4.1. I know, from the
: installation notes, that I need to keep it as logical but convert it to an
: Active status. I didn't find the fdisk utility under the Win2k to make this
: change. This is the partition I want to boot with NetBSD.

Logical drives in an extended partition can *not* be made Active for the
purposes of booting.  That's why you can't find the option to set it active
in Win2k's Drive Management console.

However, since you have Partition Magic, you could convert F: to a Primary
partition.  On x86's, disks can have up to four primary partitions (the
Extended Partition is a primary partition containing logical drives, the "*"
drive in your list above).  Since you really only have three areas of the
disk holding data, you could just as well hasve three Primary partitions and
no Extended partition.

How to do this conversion from Logical to Primary depends entirely on your
version of Partition Magic and whether you're booting the DOS floppy version
or running it under Win2k.  Check the Partition Magic docs.  Under PMagic
Pro 7.0 running inside Win2k, you'll find the option "Convert..." on the
"Operations" menu to do just this.

: What should I do during the install steps to avoid losing my current
: Win2k installation and be able to boot from NetBSD also?

I believe you need to install the bootselector, but don't quote me on that
yet.  I haven't personally set up a multiboot NetBSD/Win2k system.

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