Subject: Re: a kernel config file for "LAMB" router
To: David Maxwell <>
From: None <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/29/2000 10:28:43
	good info, thanks.

>1. You must handle power supply problem.
> This product contains one AC/DC converter which use in Japan only.
> Specification is 
>  Swiching power supply , CONSTANT voltage.
>  input  AC100V,50/60Hz , output 5V(+/-5%)

	from my experiences, this should be a non-issue for those in the US.
	DC inlet looks standard so you can make a AC/DC adapter yourself
	at ease.

>2. Supported language is Japanese only.
> Web-control-panel and paper-documents are writen in Japanese.
> We do not have a plan to translate these at least for the present.
> (But you can customize web-pages ,
>  because you can login to this router and enjoy Linux!)

	if you boot NetBSD, this is also non-issue :-)
	you just need to install NetBSD onto Compact Flash (or Microdrive)
	by using a notebook PC, and replace the CF card in the chassis.
	GENERIC kernel boots fine.  LAMB kernel configuration is to strip down
	kernel memory footprint and to support 2nd ethernet port.
	there's almost no trick, it is a normal PC.

	there are couple of points we may need some customization (if your
	project is a serious one):
	- make it okay to pull the power plug without shutdown -h; mount all
	  filesystems readonly, and use mfs for /dev, /tmp and alike.
	- a driver for LED on the chassis.
	- supporting "shutdown" button on the chassis.
	for the 2nd and 3rd bullets, they kindly supply sample source code.