Subject: 1.5 BETA sysinst keyboard problem on iPaq ?
To: None <>
From: Danny Thomas <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/26/2000 12:27:01
I've tried a 1.5 BETA ISO image from Bernd on a legacy-free iPaq. It boots
fine but the keyboard no longer works at the sysinst prompt - the keyboard
was fine in BIOS setup and at the initial boot prompt (return skips the 5
second countdown).

Apart from normal characters, the CAPS LOCK light also no longer works.

PS I know this was not an official release, and it might even be a problem
with the CD I burnt. I've tried two different USB keyboards.
Unplugging/replugging it does generate the appropriate msgs from the kernel
but the keyboard still doesn't come to life.

Any ideas? More particularly whether 1.5 will work ?

[I did look back at the i386 for ISO msgs, plus also did a search on iPaq
without finding anything, though the problem is unlikely to be specific to
this model]