Subject: Re: Question about keyboards and new pcs.
To: Brian Buhrow <>
From: Aymeric Vincent <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/20/2000 15:47:58 (Brian Buhrow) writes:

> which has a lot of "extra" buttons along its top and left hand edges.  I
> figure there must be some sort of general way these keys are implemented,
> because I aso see similar looking keyboards on Compaq Presarios as well.
> While I'm sure I could define functions for them, I'm really interested in
> what these keys look like to the keyboard driver and/or the X server.

 I have some such keys on my laptop (Compaq Armada 4120). At some
point, I had them switch from one console to another, which is very
handy when you don't want to use X. I didn't commit nor keep the
change because it involved tweaking the generic wscons code:

 Those keys send a single byte, like any other ``character'' key, and
wscons does not provide (IIRC) a way to assign actions to such
keys. So the way I did it was a quick hack. Maybe a wise person used
to wscons can turn the idea into something nice? The main point would
be to allow ``usual'' (non control) keys to be assigned functions, and
then try to find a standard defining what those keys codes are
supposed to be, in order to avoid hardcoding values which we don't
know whether they are standard or not.