Subject: Problem with Compaq Smart-2 raid
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/17/2000 17:23:09
Just wondering if anyone has seen this before, and if there is a fix...

I just got a Compaq ProLiant 7000 server, and installed the 5.0Beta
on it.  I have a Smart-2 (DH?) raid controller on it, and did get it setup
perfectly fine with two raid-5 arrays on it (#1 is 4x4G drives, 12G-raid,
and #2 is 3x9G drives, 18G-raid).

Just for haha's, while it was up and running I yanked one of the drives
out of the 1st raid array (12G, 4x4G) and did a few commands... and
it kept running, just giving me "cac0 - soft error" messages while doing
the commands.  Figured it'd be a good test of raid-5.

I plugged the drive back in (hot-swappable *is* nice), and the controller
commenced rebuilding the raid back.  But, even after the raid volume 
was completely rebuilt, I continued to get "cac0 - soft error" messages
until I rebooted the box... then it was fine.

Anyone experienced this?  Anyone working on this?  Its not a critical
problem, but it *is* annoying.

Looking forward to trying out the SMP kernel next...  see what happens.