Subject: Re: SoundBlaster 64 PCI and eap driver
To: None <>
From: Thomas Michael Wanka <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/15/2000 22:27:25
On 15 Nov 2000, at 21:09, Gavan Fantom wrote:

> I couldn't figure out how to do this in the BIOS. It lets you specify
> which IRQs the PCI system should use, but AFAICT you can't specify not
> to share an IRQ. Even with plenty to spare, it still insisted on
> sharing IRQ 9.


most boards have specified PCI slots/devices that share interrupts. 
It will be listed in your boards manual. So you will need to move one 
of your cards to a different PCI slot. Common configurations are:

AGP and PCI1 share an interrupt, as will do PCI2 and PCI6, PCI 3 
and USB, PCI 4 and PCI5.

HTH mike