Subject: Re: Support for the New Internet Computer?
To: None <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/14/2000 01:25:03
Jason R Thorpe writes:
> FWIW, I have a PXE bootloader nearly written -- I just need to write
> a new crt0 for it, and then test it :-)

Sign me up for testing.  I have fxp cards and this sip for testing. :)

> Anyway, it's interesting that both the USB controller and the Ethernet
> generate errors.  I'd bet the IOERROR you get on USB is related to the
> Master Abort you get on the Ethernet.

Let me try disabling the USB controller.

> I wonder if there is anything we could tune to make that go away...

Well I adjusted the PCI latency from 20h to 40h, as well as monkeying with
most other available settings. (in the BIOS, not via a PCI utility)

> ...I also wonder of it's endemic to the chipset, or to how it's
> wired up on this particular board.

Could be.  I haven't looked at the FreeBSD driver yet to see if it is
doing something obviously different. (my skills need something obvious) :)