Subject: Re: Support for the New Internet Computer?
To: Andrew Gillham <>
From: Brian Chase <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/13/2000 23:24:30
Yup, I've gotten some decent feedback from people "out of band" from the
mailing list.  I guess there was a Slashdot article last week on the n|c.

And within that there's a link to a site which gives more details on the
hardware and software setup of the boxes.

We really should have NetBSD running on this little fellow.


On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Andrew Gillham wrote:

> I have one of these.  Look for some postings in the archives.  
> Basically the current 'sip' driver causes "master abort" type messages
> and falls on its face.  Changing some of the transmit thresholds
> helped a bit, but it was still not working last time I tried it.  
> Jason Thorpe added support for another compatible card, and I haven't
> tried the driver since then, but I will shortly.
> I dropped a NetBSD kernel in the 4MB FLASH disk, and it was able to
> netboot.  The driver issues made it failure prone and not very useful
> yet.
> Still, it is kind of nice hardware, pretty cheap, and makes a decent
> Xterminal or surf station. (albeit with the Linux boot CD)

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