Subject: Re: Support for the New Internet Computer?
To: Brian Chase <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/13/2000 23:00:53
I have one of these.  Look for some postings in the archives.  Basically
the current 'sip' driver causes "master abort" type messages and falls on its
Changing some of the transmit thresholds helped a bit, but it was still not
working last time I tried it.  Jason Thorpe added support for another
card, and I haven't tried the driver since then, but I will shortly.

I dropped a NetBSD kernel in the 4MB FLASH disk, and it was able to
netboot.   The driver issues made it failure prone and not very useful yet.

Still, it is kind of nice hardware, pretty cheap, and makes a decent
Xterminal or
surf station. (albeit with the Linux boot CD)


Brian Chase wrote:

> Has anyone got their hands on one of the reborn n|c computers?
> They're only $200US headless.  From what I gather, they're some sort of
> x86 based system running Linux as their OS.  I've gone ahead and ordered
> one for myself.  I'm betting there's a relatively easy way to get some
> local HD storage into one of these.  And at $200, the price is right.
> It'd be nice to get them all checked out and running NetBSD.  I don't
> imagine there'd be many hurdles, but I'm curious just the same if someone
> has played with one of these yet.
> -brian.
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