Subject: Re: freetype-lib problem
To: Paul (NCC/CS) <>
From: David W. Talmage <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/12/2000 09:06:29
> wrote:
>> >>gv needs: freetype-lib-1.3.1 but
>> >>gnome needs: freetype-lib-1.2
>> >You can hack the Makefiles.
>> >DEPENDS+= freetype-lib>=1.3.1:../../graphics/freetype-lib
>>         are you sure they are compatible enough between 1.2 and 1.3.1?
>Plus: At first I pkg_delete'd the freetype-lib-1.3.1 and installed
>freetype-lib-1.2 so as to install gnome. (ps i don't even want to run
>gnome I just want some gnome apps to run) Then before installing

Hm.  Are you using the precompiled packages?  If so, maybe the gnome package 
is out of date.

Are you installing from source?  I so, is your pkgsrc tree up to date?  I 
grep-ed all of the Makefiles in my up to date pkgsrc tree and found that only 
gd, libwfm, magicpoint, xpdf, and enlightenment need freetype-lib and they are 
all happy with 1.3.1.

I have gv, gnome-core, gnome-libs, and gnome-print installed and they're all 
happy with freetype-lib-1.3.1, too.