Subject: Re: Lucent Wavelan on new Compaq M300
To: Ken Hornstein <>
From: Ed Gould <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/09/2000 11:46:07
>> I just upgraded my Compaq M300 to a newer version of the same machine.  The 
>> old one had a Celeron CPU and an 800x600 screen; the new one is a P-III, 
>> 1024x768.  The new one also has cardbus, where the old one may not have (I 
>> ran it fine without cardbus support in my kernel).
> I experienced (reported here earlier) a problem with my CD-ROM drive; it
> worked fine using the Cardbus chip in PCMCIA mode, but it hung when it
> used the native carbus chip driver.  However, in this case my Lucent
> WaveLan works fine in either mode, so maybe that's not the problem.  But
> maybe it's worth trying to take the Cardbus driver out of your kernel
> to see if it works when using the "native" PCMCIA driver.

That's where I started - with the old kernel with no cardbus support.  It 
didn't find the WaveLan at all.