Subject: Re: Lucent Wavelan on new Compaq M300
To: Ed Gould <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/09/2000 14:42:12
>I just upgraded my Compaq M300 to a newer version of the same machine.  The 
>old one had a Celeron CPU and an 800x600 screen; the new one is a P-III, 
>1024x768.  The new one also has cardbus, where the old one may not have (I ran 
>it fine without cardbus support in my kernel).

I experienced (reported here earlier) a problem with my CD-ROM drive; it
worked fine using the Cardbus chip in PCMCIA mode, but it hung when it
used the native carbus chip driver.  However, in this case my Lucent
WaveLan works fine in either mode, so maybe that's not the problem.  But
maybe it's worth trying to take the Cardbus driver out of your kernel
to see if it works when using the "native" PCMCIA driver.