Subject: ISA interrupt sharing
To: None <,>
From: Mike Wlodarczyk <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/04/2000 10:33:11

I recently installed a second ISAPNP card (a WSS compatible sound
card) in one of my i386 boxes and rediscovered why I was using the
ISAPNP_ALLOC_INTR_MASK hack. After rebuilding a kernel [1] with
wss audio support, when the kernel device probes where done, the
sound card was allocated IRQ 5, the same as the ISAPNP modem and
neither would then work. The cause of all of this, and the reason
I was using ISAPNP_ALLOC_INTR_MASK, is that the code in
sys/arch/i386/isa/isa_machdep.c allows edge triggered ISA
interrupts to be shareable.

Since there are several open PR's [2] which describe this same
problem, I'm curious whether this issue can be resolved,
perferably for 1.5.  Simply making IST_EDGE interrupts unshareable
does indeed do the right thing on my system as well.

Comments ?

NetBSD 1.5_BETA (AVERNUS) #1: Sun Oct 29 12:25:24 PST 2000

[2] port-i386/6642, port-i386/7331, port-i386/8302
Mike Wlodarczyk