Subject: boot problem w/20001014 snap
To: None <>
From: Yubyub bird <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/01/2000 14:13:41
I was booting the snapshots to test the new EISA bindings for the cac
driver.  The boot1.fs and boot2.fs images load in, but the machine resets
shortly after the load completes - no banner, no other messages.  This was
on the 20001014 snap, on both a Compaq Proliant 2000 and Proliant 4500
with SmartArray controllers.  Older snapshots seem to work no problem, as
does 1.4.2.

Any ideas?  I didn't see anything in the mailing lists besides a failure
on 1GB machines, and I'm not blessed with that much memory ;-)

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