Subject: RE: Network Interface Cards
To: NetBSD/i386 Discussion List <>
From: Brian Gregor <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/30/2000 20:26:00
> > Any thoughts on the SMC/Western Digital 8013 ISA cards?  I used 
> > a bunch for a while on my home LAN with good results under
> > various UNIXes and Windows.
> I tried a pair of them in my 486DX66/ISA router/firewall and they didn't
> work very well -- less than 100pps on a "ping -f" to a local machine
> through my 10baseT Ethernet switch.  I get well over 450pps from my
> Sparc-2 thorugh the same switch to the same server.  I don't remember
> what the TCP throughput was, but it was similarly about 1/4 of what the
> SS2 does.
> In other words they were too slow for even a cable modem at about
> 800kbps-down/200kbps-up.

I used to get 700 kB/sec or so via FTP with the 8013's over 10base2
between a
K6-200 & a 486DX2-66.  It worked great on the cable modem - I used
two on the NAT box and two more on my and my wife's PC.  I don't
remember ping speeds.  I eventually went to a Sparc CLassic for 
NAT & some PCI cards & a hub for the LAN.