Subject: Re: Network Interface Cards
To: None <>
From: Steven M. Bellovin <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/29/2000 22:49:47
In message <39C7AFCD001D3EDE@mypad.MYPAD.COM> (added by postmaster@mypad.MYPAD.
COM), writes:
>-- David Woyciesjes --
>  DW> ISA - If you can find it, get your hands on a 3Com
>    > 3C509B, download the config disks, and set all the
>    > parameters by hand. Do not use Plug And Pray on those
>    > cards...
>Agreed, I've seen PnP cause more problems than it solves.
>Thanks for the other recommendations too.
>-- Steve Bellovin --
>  SB> One word of warning...  There is (or at least was; I
>    > haven't checked lately) a problem with the 3c905B
>    > (maybe all models) and some BIOSes if you boot without
>    > power-cycling after you've been running Mr. Bill's
>    > operating system.  It leaves the card in a funky state
>    > so that NetBSD can't deal with it.
>I've got an easy fix for that - don't run Microsoft Windows.
>I would argue this was a problem with Windows rather than
>with the network card.

Well, no; the boot-time initialization should be able to cope with any 
weird state left by reset/reboot.

As for not running Windows -- that's certainly my preference, but my 
son sure likes having a games machine....

		--Steve Bellovin