Subject: 3c90xx NIC's revisited -(1.4)->
To: None <>
From: Tony Hernandez <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/25/2000 19:42:01
I'm running 1.4 on my home PC as a workstation, My 3c90xx 3com card just
stopped working correctly. I had this problem on intial boot up.. but I
thought that I had fixed it by using the  media 10baseT option.. this worked
before but not now. I cannot ping myself 'ping localhost / /' none of those work. ifconfig lists the card as 'active' with
the correct address, netmask and media. When I use 'ifconfig ex0 down' it
still lists it there as configured. is there soemthing I can do to stop this
from happening? The NIC is decidedly more important than the processor even
:) It is wierd that it works a lot then does not work on some boot up's. I
have tried warm and cold boots with no success anymore. the network card is
good I have made sure of that by installing a small linux installation to
test it.

help ?
Tony Hernandez