Subject: Sun 386i to give away
To: None <>
From: Rich Lafferty <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/25/2000 01:36:00
I've got a Sun 386i that I rescued from the dumpster sitting here
taking up precious space. I originally thought I'd grab some disk for
it and play with it, but, well, spare time and all that.

It has the following cards:

540-1062-01 (Framebuffer)
555-1006-01 (?)
501-1423    (Memory, populated by 270-1394's)
501-1244    (?)

It has no disk. It also has the storage expansion that clips on top,
but that is also empty of disks and tape, and is missing its side
panel. The floppy drive is still there, though. :-)

I have full documentation for this guy, including all original
manuals, the full users' and programmers' documentation sets which
cover slightly more than just this machine, much of the promotional
materials for it and for the parts it at one point was accompanied by,
plus most of the purchase orders for it. I've also got a bunch of QIC
media with SunOS and OpenWindows.

It's taking up room here, and since I haven't done anything with it
yet, I suspect I never will. It's free to whoever wants it; they'll
have to pick it up or pay for shipping -- or, if you're a BSD person
thinking about a port, talk to me. The machine itself weighs 45 lbs,
the expansion unit 25 lbs, and the documentation, um, weights as much
as a square foot of paper weighs, times three. :-) I do ask that
anyone interested take at *least* the main box and one box of
documentation (with the brochures, main manuals, and purchase order

Shipping would be from Montreal, Quebec. 


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