Subject: Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 + Stinkpad 760EL
To: '' <>
From: David Woyciesjes <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/19/2000 15:37:11
Hopefully someone can help me out here. Here's the hardware I've got..
---IBM Thinkpad 760EL, P133, 80MB RAM, 1.08GB
---3Com 3c589C PCMCIA NIC
---Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 NIC
	When I try to load the NetBSD/i386 Firewall (NetBS 1.4.2), the boot
disk finds the 3Com okay, and it sees the Intel, but once the installer is
running, it only shows the 3Com NIC... I've checked the site, and archive,
but I haven't found any clear answers...
	Does/can the Intel NIC work under 1.4.2? Or how can I get the boot
disks to see it correctly? And how hard would that be?

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