Subject: Re: BSD friendly ISPs
To: NetBSD-Port i386 <>
From: Tim Walls <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/18/2000 15:26:48
For what it's worth, most of the UK ISPs use standard PPP and are
not too tricky to set up with.  The only tip I have is to always
say you are using a Mac.

The reason being, if you say you use Windows they will usually
try to give you some damn Windows .exe to set up your dialup
networking, whereas they probably haven't bothered to write
one for Mac users.

For Mac users, they'll probably give you instructions on how
to set up your dialup networking manually, which conveniently means you
get the dialup number, IP addresses of the nameservers, gateway et al.
without having to ask technical support.

(Specific hint for UK FreeServe users who want to signup to 'SurfTime' for
 unmetred off-peak access; they actually give you separate dialup
 numbers for off-peak and on-peak access.  If you say you use Windows,
 they'll give you a .exe which 'automatically' picks the right dialup
 number - if you claim to be a Mac user, you find out what the two
 numbers actually are.  One simple shell script and a Cron job later,
 and hey presto :-)


Tim Walls