Subject: Re: BSD-Friendly Internet?
To: None <>
From: Thomas Michael Wanka <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/16/2000 08:23:16
On 15 Sep 2000, at 14:45, Herb Peyerl wrote:

> Unfortunately, some of our customers believe 'unix support for dialup
> users' implies "when my linux machine blows up, I should be able to
> bring it in and have you reinstall it for free or else I'm taking my
> business elsewhere".
> Just because the customer is always right doesn't mean the customer
> isn't an idiot.

If an ISP has a misconfigured mailserver (proven by the error log) 
and the helpdesk insists that the sender (NetBSD mailinglists) are 
the source of the problems *and* will not let me talk to the mailserver 
administrator *and* the administrator will not react to my mail 
messages *and* the problem continue for me and at least some 
others for months, this is a problem and I would not want such an 
ISP. I was in the lucky situation to be able to switch to a mailserver I