Subject: Re: BSD-Friendly Internet?
To: None <>
From: Bill Hudspeth <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/14/2000 13:11:03
I've received so many responses to this one - I should probably write a

Thank you all.

The basic issue is the statement that, "We only provide support for
Windows (95, 99 & NT) and MAC".

I omitted any mention of NetBSD and said I used NT (true).
What I got for my effort was a broken link to my ISP. I had to revert to
my old dialer.  Worse yet, the 'new' NT setup
also broke NetBSD when I tried to import the settings.

As for help with PPP protocal setup, one young man told
me: 'They did not use PPP with NT'.

As for providers:  My ISP (JPS.NET) is now owned by ONEMAIN
which, I have heard, is passing into Earthlink's hands.

I will go out and study the one's you have suggested.

Many thanks,


Bill Hudspeth wrote:
> I've made the sad discovery that many ISPs
> are only willing to support WIN & MAC systems.
> Anyone aware of BSD friendly ISPs with service
> on the US west coast?
> TBI,
> Bill