Subject: Re: Drive size limitation?
To: Andrew Gillham <>
From: David Burgess <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/13/2000 13:08:13
Don't ID the drive in the BIOS.  That way, the kernel will query it
and get the info the drive thinks it has.

In my experience, unless you're using it for some MS-DOS thing, it's
easiest to make the drive invisible to the evil empire.  The kernel 
will seek it out and find it - this is how I've got my SCSI/IDE systems
set up to boot off the SCSI drive.

Andrew Gillham wrote:
> Manuel Bouyer writes:
> >
> > Maybe it's a formatted vs non-formatted issue ?
> > I know peoples which uses bigger drives with NetBSD, without problems ...
> > So I think the drive really reports only 32253MB. What does the BIOS says ?
> Hmm, it occurs to me that my buddy probably hasn't updated the BIOS since
> I initially helped him install the box.  Potentially he has an older BIOS
> that doesn't support a disk larger than 30GB.
> As this 40GB isn't the boot disk, I wouldn't think that would matter.
> Can the BIOS affect what the drive reports for 'atactl wd1 identify' or
> is that really from the drive?  What I mean is that if the BIOS only
> supports 30GB will the drive and the BIOS "agree" on the value that
> the drive will report via identify?
> This seems odd to me, but anyway, I'll have him check the BIOS information
> and update it as well.
> -Andrew