Subject: Re: Win2K and NetBSD Dual Booted System Problems
To: Ken Shin <>
From: Bill Hudspeth <>
List: port-i386
Date: 09/05/2000 19:17:41
I hate to tinker with your setup, but...

I have set up several dual-boot machines using Partition Magic.
I usually have an NT patition and an MSDOS partition. They never
'mention' each other. Once I had those two, along with RH Linux
and it didn't have such problems either.

The Boot Manager that came with PMagic kept everything isolated pretty 
well. The only time it did not was when I installed into a 'dirty'
(previously occupied) partion without first clearing the MBR.

So naturally I wonder if any of these could be going on in your setup?

Good luck,

Bill Hudspeth

Ken Shin wrote:
> I hope someone has a solution for this... cuz I'm at wits end.
> After partitioning a 16 Gig drive (0.5 Gig NetBSD Boot,  7.5G Win2K, and the
> rest for NetBSD)... Although it should be noted that in the parition table..
> technically only two paritions exist.. the 1st and 2nd mentioned, and the
> last one being left undefined... Although NetBSD is using it without
> problems.
> I installed NetBSD on the 0.5 Gig partition and 3rd partition.. followed by
> Win95 System files to the 2nd partition.. just to prep it.. then Win2K on
> top of the Win95 System files on the 2nd partition...
> The result?  A fully working Win2K(FAT32) with Dual boot for Win95 system
> files... and a NetBSD system... that appears to work... but complains on
> fsck at boot that wd0f (the Win2K partition) is "backup doesn't compare to
> primary bootblock".. and to run fsck_msdos manually.  Running fsck_msdos
> with the different options fails to help.. citing the same problem...
> Any suggestions?
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