Subject: resend: Upgrading processor / DECREASED network performance
To: None <>
From: Rick Byers <>
List: port-i386
Date: 10/23/1999 18:09:57
Here is a slightly more readable copy of my message!  (That's what I get
for using Netscape for e-mail I suppose).  Sorry about that!


I recently upgraded my NAT box from a 386/25 (8 Mb ram) to a Pentium 90 (24
mb ram).  Overall, the machine is much faster (I can actually compile stuff
in reasonable time), but the network users have been complaining that
network access seems slower ever since the upgrade.  I've tried to dismiss
theese claims as coincidence, but a number of people have mentioned it to

So, does anyone have any ideas what might cause network performance to be
lower?  The only chages are new motherboard/processor/RAM.  I'm using the
same (ISA) network cards.  Since most things are faster, I'm assuming it's
not a cache or RAM problem.  Does using ISA cards in a PCI system cause
extra overhead?  Could the PCI-ISA bridge be slow or something?   Could the
fact  that one of the ISA NICs uses DMA in a machine with >16Mb ram be
causing the problem (I don't really know how the bounce-buffer stuff
works).  I've considered getting a couple of PCI cards now that I have PCI
slots, but I would like some idea of whether or not that will solve the