Subject: Lucent Wavelan II 802.11 wireless ethernet card
To: None <,>
From: Robert V. Baron <>
List: port-i386
Date: 10/20/1999 11:42:18
I decided to take the driver for a spin.  It seems to work fine.
But to get it to work at my site I needed to use wicontrol which
is not in the -current sources.  With a few header file changes,
the FreeBSD code compiles fine.  Could the wi maintainer add this

Now, I would like to propose a general change to for netstart.
The problem is that after the
	ifconfig wi0 ... 
I need to do some
	wicontrol -i wi0 ...
The way /etc/ifconfig.wi0 is used, I can not add commands to
that file.  The neatest solution is to look for a /etc/ifconfig.wi0.conf
file.  And if it exists, execute it after the ifconfig.  Note wi0 is
really a variable (gleaned from ifconfig -l).  So the changes to 
/etc/netstart are just:
*** /etc/netstart.BAK   Mon Jul  5 06:12:33 1999
--- /etc/netstart       Wed Oct 20 10:13:40 1999
*** 100,105 ****
--- 100,109 ----
+               if [ -f /etc/ifconfig.$int.conf ]; then
+                       echo -n "*"
+                       . /etc/ifconfig.$int.conf
+               fi
                configured_interfaces="$configured_interfaces $int"
        echo '.'

The question is whether the wavelan is the only network device that
needs this sort of setup.  Now I suppose I could just add to
/etc/netstart.local on this machine, but sometimes I use wavelan and
other times ethernet, so that's not the right solution.