Subject: Something wrong with disklabel....
To: None <>
From: orione <>
List: port-i386
Date: 10/18/1999 09:15:11
I'm building a little server for a friend of mine, and I'm in big
The PC is home made with an intel-tx m/b, and I'v put on it a 18Gb
Quantum ide.
Started the standard procedure for installing NetBSD 1.4.1, all goes
right... partitioning, newfs'ing, unpacking, devices.... mount partition
and setup the first initializations for network, then reboot and.....
AARRRGGHH! The bios stalls right after the auto-recognize of the ide
I'v just lost about 3 nights trying to get it right and reading the
mailing-list in serach of sanity, then I notice NetBSD, when booting
from floppy, tells the disk has anly 16383 cyls [....mhm.... 2^14-1...]
when the disk and the bios tell it has more than 36000 cyls.
So I try to do it by hand, correcting the disklabel, and doing all the
install process by hand.... Please note that, since the first reboot, I
had to boot telling the bios THERE ARE NO HD, DON'T CHECK PLEASE...
nope, it won't boot.

So I try to install FreeBSD, and I notice it recognize by default the
right number of cylinder... and, well, it works. So I reinstall all with
NetBSD 1.3.2, that believe to have an 8Gb hd... well, 10Gb less, but at
the end it works. Mhm... then I tried to upgrade to 1.4.1, and it works.
It booted.
But.... I WANT all of my gigs!!

The most strange thing is that, looking at the bootmsg, it counts the
right number of blocks [1.3.2 didn't], but wrongs the number of

Sorry, I' forgot to take with me the bootmsg, anyway I hope you had get
the idea.

In a life, there are very bad days....