Subject: Re: Well, almost there...
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-i386
Date: 10/18/1999 16:36:33
In message <199910182126.OAA08764@Greyhawk.DSG.Stanford.EDU>, Jonathan Stone wr
>I can duplicate the ne2000 (linksys/D-link pcmcia) card problem with
>CardBus. It's not just a boot-time wedge: if you boot multi-user, then
>install the card, my machine freezes.

I also have the same problem with a TDK "DF2814" modem/fax card.

>It comes back to life when the card is removed.  Meanwhile the
>interrupt count (old-style as reported by vmstat -i) on the IRQ shared
>by the cbb and the ne2 go through the roof: I got 16 million in a few

Oh, very cool!

*sigh*.  I'm away right now and probably won't sup and build until Saturday,
but it's nice to know this is getting looked at.

I wanted to share this with the list:  The USB support in NetBSD is
dramatically superior to the USB support in Windows '98.

1.  You can't use a new USB device on a Windows box without letting it "search
for new drivers" - painful if the new device is a keyboard or mouse.
2.  On my laptop, my USB<->PS/2 adapter produces cripplingly bad performance
under Windows 98 - if it's connected, I get a visible frame rate of around 2-3
fps during some video games, even ones that really don't require anything like
full performance.  (A benchmark suggested that I have a Celeron 53Mhz.)

Works great under NetBSD.  Plug it in, and bam, keyboard and mouse work.