Subject: Re: ATAPI CD performance (update)
To: Daniel Carosone <>
From: None <>
List: port-i386
Date: 10/14/1999 11:17:58
Daniel Carosone writes:
> writes:
> >                       ASUS 40x (cd0)     HP 24x (cd1)
 >>     NetBSD 1.4.1          360 K/s          860 K/s
> Wow. Same hardware config as before, on a kernel built yesterday:
> 282066944 bytes transferred in 79 secs (3570467 bytes/sec)
> So, someting got fixed in the past couple of weeks!

Are you using 'cd..' or 'rcd..' for your tests?

I made some more tests with NetBSD 1.4.1

ASUS 40x:
     dd if=/dev/cd0d  of=/dev/null bs=32k   ==>  360 K/s
     dd if=/dev/rcd0d of=/dev/null bs=32k   ==> 4000 K/s
HP 24x:
     dd if=/dev/cd1d  of=/dev/null bs=32k   ==>  860 K/s
     dd if=/dev/rcd1d of=/dev/null bs=32k   ==> 2600 K/s

I wonder why rcd0d is an order of magnitude faster than cd0d.

Also I don't understand why cd0d is slower than cd1d (should be
the opposite) and rc0d is faster than rc1d.

Federico Lupi