Subject: Re: ld for 1.4.1?
To: Sergey Ivanov <>
From: Thilo Manske <Thilo.Manske@HEH.Uni-Oldenburg.DE>
List: port-i386
Date: 10/13/1999 17:15:27
On Wed, Oct 13, 1999 at 06:23:05PM +0400, Sergey Ivanov wrote:
>     Excuse me for reposting my question in plain text form.
>     My problem concerns configuring XFree86 on NetBSD.
>     I've installed NetBSD-1.4.1 i-386 snapshot of 99-09-06. I used only boot
Sounds not like 1.4.1. Snapshots are -current.

> floppies of 1.4, but all sets was of this snapshot.
>     After installing I've changed only rc configured from NO to YES, exited
> from single-user mode to multiuser and tried xf86config. It reported "No
>     What does it mean? Where should I get this ""? should be installed in /usr/libexec/ on 1.4.1 systems.

NetBSD/i386-current doesn't have (need) an anymore
(a.out->ELF transition).

>     Then I've installed pkglibtool-1.2p2.tgz, with intention to get tcl, tk
> and after all XF86Config.
> But  tcl-8.0.5.tgz said it missed ldconfig. It reported: "/sbin/ldconfig not
> found".
Again, ldconfig doesn't exist on ELF systems.

It's possible to execute old (a.out/NetBSD 1.4.1 and before) binaries on new
(ELF, NetBSD-current since I-don't-know and future NetBSD versions (>=1.5) )
systems with a.out emulation, but I doubt this is what you really want.

See to read more about
"current" and for some
information about a.out vs. ELF.

Again my advise: Get the last "Formal Release", i.e. NetBSD 1.4.1.
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