Subject: Running StarOffice 5.1 on -current
To: None <,>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: port-i386
Date: 10/06/1999 11:16:28
Because of the work on a "fine-grained" internal fork and some recent
fixes to the Linux emulation, it's now possible to run Linux programs
that use the glibc2, "linuxthreads" based, libpthread.

One of these programs is of course StarOffice 5.1. here are some quick
instructions to set it up:

	* Make sure you have sources as of october 5th or more recent,
	  and compile a kernel with Linux compat support the usual way.
	* Install the suse_linux package in pkgsrc/emulators/suse_linux
	* Get the Linux StarOffice version from
	* Unpack the tarfile it in some temporary directory.
	* cd so51inst/office51
	* setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /tmp/sv001.tmp
	* If you have a /emul/linux/dev for some other reasons,
	  create a link to /dev/null in it.
	* ./setup
	* Go through the setup procedure. Remember that this is
	  the "personal" version, and it wants to install itself
	  in your homedirectory as a whole. It is possible to
	  install it elsewhere and share it through a shadow tree,
	  though (see below).
	* After the installation has finished, apply the following
	  patch to the <installdir>/soffice script:

*** soffice.orig	Tue Aug 24 07:11:00 1999
--- soffice	Tue Oct  5 22:54:16 1999
*** 15,21 ****
  # resolve installation directory
  sd_platform=`uname -s`
  case $sd_platform in
! 	SCO_SV) test=/bin/test     ;;
    	*)      test=/usr/bin/test ;;
--- 15,21 ----
  # resolve installation directory
  sd_platform=`uname -s`
  case $sd_platform in
! 	NetBSD|SCO_SV) test=/bin/test     ;;
    	*)      test=/usr/bin/test ;;

	* You're done. If you want to share it among multiple users,
	  you can create a symlinked shadowtree. An example of how
	  to do this is in the following script:

You will see some minor glitches, like "PluginManager" not found, but
that's not a serious problem. Things should mostly be ok. There is
an emulation bug that shows up in, for example, the mtvp package, 
which may pose problems. I managed to crash StarOffice by using
its browser once, probably due to this bug. We're working on that one.

Have fun,

- Frank