Subject: Re: wskbd probe
To: None <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: port-i386
Date: 10/02/1999 13:25:29
> Well, any reasonable swichbox will fake enough of a keyboard
> to make the BIOS' and the pckbd driver's probe succeed.

Yeah.  That's why I specified that this is a _cheap_ switchbox...
I just re-checked with 1.4.1 on one of my systems.  It probes OK, but I
get at least one

	pckbcintr: no dev for slot 1

for each keypress after it comes up (and, unsurprisingly ;-), the
keystrokes are not registered as keystrokes at that point).

> > I took a quick look at sys/dev/isa/pckbc.c and didn't see a way to
> > bypass the selftest or some such.
> What are you referring to - which version are you speaking about?

/* $NetBSD: pckbc.c,v 1.12 1999/03/05 10:40:54 drochner Exp $ */

Hmmm...  Looking at it, it looks like it will skip the flush/selftest
if it's being used as the console.