Subject: Re: any hope to get Solaris jdk 1.2 running on i386?
To: Thorsten Frueauf <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/26/1998 12:12:38
On Thu, 26 Nov 1998, Thorsten Frueauf wrote:

: But (I somehow expected that, as java is really a monster) it seems as
: java uses unfortunalty some unimplemented syscalls :-(

:    367 java     CALL  #209 (unimplemented resolvepath)

Hm.  I suppose we probably should look into implementing some more (newer)
Solaris syscalls.  resolvepath() looks almost trivial from what I see in the
Solaris manpage.

: So is it hopeless to get the jdk 1.2 from Solaris to work on NetBSD/i386?

Not if you use "green_threads", but that probably means implementing a few
more syscalls than just this.  To explain what "green_threads" is:

On Thu, 26 Nov 1998, Scott Bartram wrote:

: It's unlikely that the Solaris JDK will work for quite some time if ever
: since they use native threads and we don't support that (yet). 

I believe the JDK still ships "green_threads" as one of the thread methods,
which is not Solaris native threads; it's setjmp/longjmp/signal based (MIT
pthreads-like) threading.  Otherwise that ktrace probably would have an
`unimplemented _lwp_create' as the bad syscall.

If Sun still ships a Solaris 2.4 based package, it is likely to use green
instead of native threads by default.

-- Todd Vierling (Personal; Bus.