Subject: PnP and SoundBlaster Configuration
To: None <>
From: Scott Presnell <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/23/1998 08:45:03
Hi Folks,
   I have a perplexing problem regarding configuring my Soundblaster card.
and PnP.  I'm running NetBSD 1.3.1 on a Pentium Pro machine.

The cards that have a role in this problem are an Adaptec AHA-1542 isa
based SCSI card and a Creative SoundBlaster 16 (CT2940 -> OEM for CT2950).

I'm not very PnP literate, so I have a couple of questions along the way...
if someone has a simlar configuration, I'd really like to hear how you've
delt with any problems like this...

1) The SB16 card seems to be entirely dependent on a PnP OS to set/use it's
IRQ and DRQ values.  I cannot find any documentation from Creative about
setting jumpers or using software to define default values.  This seems to
be the case, as I have tried all perutations of irq and drqs in building
kernels, but the SB card is never recognized.  

In the PnP is this possible? (it's certainly not reasonable).

2) If I configure the card in Windows, and then use dosboot to jump
to NetBSD without powering down: the card can be recognzied and appears
active ("cat > /dev/audio" produces sound).

=== OK, I've got to use isapnp in the NetBSD configuration process. ===

3) I can configure the kernel for isapnp, the machine boots, the SB card is
recongnized, but so is the Adaptec AHA-1542.  I had previously set the 1542
to be recognzied via a fixed aha0 probe.  That works fine, but when the
isapnp probe comes along the SCSI responds to that too, and from then on
the SCSI card doesn't respond...

4) It doesn't look like there is support for isa SCSI cards recognzied via
isapnp...  Is this true?

5) ... so it seems like I should shut off PnP support on the 1542. I can do
that via a dip switch, but when I do, I get a kernel panic at probe time:

panic: intr_establish: can't share level_triggered with edge_triggered

Can someone translate that for me into practical terms?

So in short, I'm stuck using PnP to configure the SB sound card, but I'm
screwed because PnP tanks the SCSI card configuration.  How can I solve
this problem?

	Any suggestions or answers to the above questions would be
helpful.  Thanks.

	  - Scott Presnell (