Subject: unsuccessful reboot
To: None <,>
From: C Kane <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/19/1998 12:11:48

I have some IBM Intellistation Z-Pro systems with dual Pentium Pro processors.

Under NetBSD-1.3.1 and NetBSD-1.3.2, the reboot command works as expected.

Under NetBSD-current, after the disks are sync()'ed and probably when the 
BIOS regains control, the system beeps:  beep, pause, beep, beep, beep, pause, beep,
and then hangs hard.

If the system is power-cycled just once, then one of two things will happen.
Either the screen will stay blank and nothing will happen, or the system will
go through the regular boot-up sequence and read the bootblock but when it
starts to read the kernel it will print the first number and then start
printing the "twirl" but will display only one or two characters before the
system hangs hard.

On the second power-cycle, the system works normally.

If the system is rapidly power-cycled twice it also works normally.

This is happening on every system that I upgrade from -1.3.1 or -1.3.2 to -current.
I am running -current from about one week ago, but this has been happening with
-current for a couple of months now.

Has anyone else seen any problem similar to this?

-- Chuck