Subject: Re: Booting NetBSD 1.3.2 with the NT boot loader
To: None <>
From: Robert V. Baron <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/19/1998 11:42:05 (Geoff Wing) writes:

> Marcus Glocker <> typed:
> :Problem
> :---------
> :NT 4.0 is installed on the first disc with scsi id 0 (boot-disc).
> :NetBSD is installed on the second disc with scsi id 2.
> :
> :I can boot NetBSD directly if I set the second disc bootable with the
> :adaptec bios.
> :What I want is that I can boot NetBSD with the NT boot loader. So I do
> :on NetBSD:
> :dd if=/dev/rsd1a of=bootsect.bsd bs=512 count=1
> :I copy the file on a ms-dos floppy disc, boot NT, copy the file on the
> :c:
> :partition and do an entry in boot.ini:
> :c:\bootsect.bsd="NetBSD"
It would be interesting to know if boot.ini allows you to set
parameters like which disk to use.

> :I reboot NT and choose in the NT boot loader the NetBSD entry and got
> :the
> :nice message:
> :No bootable partition
This message happens when the code looks thru the mbr and can not find
NetBSD.  It reads the mbr off the disk.  In your case, most probably
the wrong disk.

> :Why can I boot NetBSD directly from its disc, but not with the nt boot
> :loader?
> :I am sure the bootsect.bsd is not corrupted, because I created it about
> :10 times!
> I'd suggest that using the NT bootloader is only going to work if NetBSD
> is on the first disk.  The bootblock written probably presumes that 
> the BIOS is pointing to the correct disk and goes from there.  I guess
> the file you would need to modify is
>    src/sys/arch/i386/stand/lib/crt/bootsect/start_bootsect.S
> and rebuild it somehow.  Look around the line starting with ``hd:''
> 1) not really remembering how it works, try:
>   commenting out ``andl    $0xff, %edx'' and uncomment
>   ``/*mov   $0x0080, %edx*/'' (changing 80 to 81 (which points to your
>   second disk)).
You probably want to make this 
	mov   $0x0081, %edx
> 2) You may need to have
>       movb    $0x81, %ah
>       int     $0x13
>    at the start of ``hd:'' (though maybe not).
Don't think so.

> I hope you get it working (then I might try again and stop using dosboot
> (especially since newer dosboot versions just crash my computer)).
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