Subject: Booting NetBSD 1.3.2 with the NT boot loader
To: None <>
From: Marcus Glocker <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/19/1998 10:49:32


I have a PII-333 system with 2 UW SCSI discs on a Adaptec 2940UW

NT 4.0 is installed on the first disc with scsi id 0 (boot-disc).
NetBSD is installed on the second disc with scsi id 2.

I can boot NetBSD directly if I set the second disc bootable with the
adaptec bios.
What I want is that I can boot NetBSD with the NT boot loader. So I do
on NetBSD:

dd if=/dev/rsd1a of=bootsect.bsd bs=512 count=1

I copy the file on a ms-dos floppy disc, boot NT, copy the file on the
partition and do an entry in boot.ini:


I reboot NT and choose in the NT boot loader the NetBSD entry and got
nice message:

No bootable partition

Why can I boot NetBSD directly from its disc, but not with the nt boot
I am sure the bootsect.bsd is not corrupted, because I created it about
10 times!

BUG Report

If you want to boot NetBSD with a NetBSD boot-floppy disc on a ATAPI
floppy-drive which is know as a IDE device, NetBSD will crash (reboot)
after its loaded
its boot-block without any messages (black screen, reboot).


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