Subject: Re: de(4)
To: None <>
From: Tracy J. Di Marco White <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/17/1998 00:13:25
}>I use media auto, and it sets full duplex automatically.  100BaseTX/FD might
}>do what you want, I'm not sure, I've only used 100BaseTX in my messing around.
}>I've got mine configurng full duplex automatically now, though.

}"100baseTX/FD" isn't a recognized type either.  :(

}My problem is that it seems to be setting non-full-duplex, with the result
}that it gets about 4-5kb/sec over a 100Mb link.  :(  Works fine if I just
}don't use full duplex, but...

It is on a switch?  ifconfig de0 -m (possibly ifconfig -m de0) may list
valid media types.  (I'm not currently able to access any of my netbsd

Tracy J. Di Marco White
Project Vincent Systems Manager