Subject: Re: 486 with 56K modem?
To: Tom T. Thai <>
From: Aidan Cully <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/13/1998 02:12:19
On Thu, Nov 12, 1998 at 09:55:30PM -0600, Tom T. Thai wrote:
> I don't think it's the 486 talking to the modem.  Most likely it's your
> modem talking to the upstream ISP.  It's trying to negotiate but can't for
> what ever the reason may be, username/password or maybe even 56K
> compatibility.

I really doubt that's it, since a) it works fine from Linux, whenever
it gets carrier, and b) sometimes we do start to negotiate, but it's
universally unreliable, and I don't think we've yet completely
negotiated IPCP (though we have started to).  A look at the modem
lights seems to indicate that we do get data back at the same time as
we send it, but the pppd logs don't corroborate that.

...a bit later...

Enabling crtscts seemed to let us connect, but here's some netstat
output from the PPP interface while trying to look at some web pages to
which we've gotten good throughput through the linux box:
   input    (ppp0)    output            input   (Total)    output
 packets  errs  packets  errs colls  packets  errs  packets  errs colls 
      57    62      314     0     0      4366    62     1832     0     1
       0     7        9     0     0        20     7       20     0     0
       1     3        4     0     0        11     3       11     0     0
       0     3        1     0     0         4     3        3     0     0
and then the NetBSD box froze up, and it stopped responding to pings or
keyboard input, and I had to hard-reboot it.  No messages in /var/log to
clue me in or anything.

I expect I'll have to do a fair bit more digging..