Subject: Re: bootable CDROM?
To: Markus Illenseer <>
From: Simon J. Gerraty <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/13/1998 09:09:30
> I probably should experiment with a live filesystem for the next issue
>in the series. I like that "emergency" stuff. What - besides standard
>tools like fsck and dd - other tools should be integrated?

The reasons I usually want to boot from a cd is to "fix" the passwd file,
recover a dud fs or fiddle a disklabel (eg steal a few cylinders from swap).  
Vi is obviously handy and the disk/fs manipultaion tools as well as the
restore client side.

If there is room - it might be handy to include the Amanda client
tools - there might not be another machine to NFS mount them from. 
And yes NFS client utils are very handy.

Its obviously much harder to provide the network support for an arch like
i386 which has so many (conflicting) NIC options (cf. something like sparc 
where you just need to support le0 or hme0).