Subject: Re: 2 Problems
To: None <>
From: Robert V. Baron <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/12/1998 14:57:13
"Perry E. Metzger" <> writes:

> Jonathan Stone writes:
> > Any reason why we dont just turn it on in -current *now*, so
> > we find out whether or not its safe for 1.4?   (Perry, any opinions?)
> Someone was going to do that and appears to have dropped the ball.
mea, culpa ...
I will take care of this once I sync up my tree, assuming Jonathan
does not get to it first.  There was a period back there where I
had gotten a lot flack about some plausible kernel changes I had done.
I was told why why why had I not checked with the port maintainers
first.  So in this case (adding pms0 to GENERIC), I asked the port
maintainers over and over (at your request) and never got an answer from
them.  So I dropped it.  I guess the right answer is DTRT.  I will
a bug is a bug.

> Why don't you take over on it...
> .pm