Subject: Re: booting from an LS-120 drive...
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/11/1998 00:12:47
In message <>, "Perry E. Metzger" writ
>No messages at all before the hang?


>And how did you install the boot stuff on the file system on the LS-120?

I was using a plain old floppy; I just made a floppy on a PC with a regular

BTW, if I use an LS-120 in an already installed machine to write a boot
floppy, that boot floppy works fine in a regular floppy drive, so we're
getting along just fine with the LS-120's 1.44MB format.  It just seems not
to work to boot.

I can retest this on about 30 minutes' notice, if anyone has, e.g., a
debugging version of the boot loader they want me to try.  I'll even offer
a small bounty for help getting it running, as I'd love to be able to
start replacing old-style floppies in my life.  ;)