Subject: Re: Old 386 as firewall?
To: Scott Presnell <>
From: Anders Dinsen <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/10/1998 20:30:39
> The computer I'm considering used to be a 25 MHz '386 and is now, I think a
> 33 MHz Cyrix486 with 8Mb of RAM (physical constraints of the mother board
> won't allow me to add more RAM).  It boots NetBSD 1.3 fine and reports the
> Cyrix as such.  The machine has only a ISA bus... so I assume I can only
> get 10Mb NICs for it (there's one in there now).

My NetBSD internet gatway is a similar machine, only my cpu is 40 MHz. Works
great, network performance is ok, about 300 k/s on a TCP connection. My current
modem is a 28800 modem on an serial port without FIFO. It overruns from time
to tome, but performance is good.

I run NAT and pppd etc.