Subject: Old 386 as firewall?
To: 386 Port NetBSD <>
From: Scott Presnell <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/10/1998 08:23:40
Hi Folks,
        I'm trying to determine if I can use an old computer I have as
a reasonable NetBSD firewall/NATservice machine for my home network.

The computer I'm considering used to be a 25 MHz '386 and is now, I think a
33 MHz Cyrix486 with 8Mb of RAM (physical constraints of the mother board
won't allow me to add more RAM).  It boots NetBSD 1.3 fine and reports the
Cyrix as such.  The machine has only a ISA bus... so I assume I can only
get 10Mb NICs for it (there's one in there now).

In an effort to plan ahead, I'm trying to sketch out some details of
potentital configurations...  I have some pratical questions:

        1) Is this configuration sufficient to support two NICs and run a
firewall with NAT service...?  

I seem to remember that 100Mb NICs are suggested for interfaces to cable
modems and DSL bridges (as per literature from the entities that provide
the service).

        2) Do such modems and bridges really need to be connected to 100Mb
interfaces?  Or can I likely connect the above modems/bridges to the 386
machine I mention above.

        I'd appreciate any comments/suggestions... hearing about actual
experience would be great.  


        - Scott Presnell (