Subject: NetBSD/i386 Nov 5 1998 snapshot
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/07/1998 23:24:24

I have prepared a snapshot of NetBSD-current for i386 based on
sources from (early) November 5 1998.  This snapshot should not
suffer from the following problems which the last one had:

 o mountd had problems
 o tcpdump didn't work

New in this snapshot is also the 'ex' driver supporting DMA for the
3c90x and 3c90xB cards, thanks to fvdl.  The usual slew of other
changes seen on source-changes are of course also in.

The snapshot can be found in release(7) format in

I am currently uploading the sources this snapshot was built from;
when those are made available they will be in

Don't expect them before sometime tomorrow, though.

This time the syssrc.tgz tarball will not include the various
compile directories I happened to have lying around (I've repackaged
the 19981031 syssrc tarball to amend that problem there too).
Thanks to Michael Richardson for alerting me about this.

As last time, this hasn't received very thorough testing by me,
but again, the build machine did at least stay up while building
this snapshot running a kernel based on these sources, for
whatever that is worth.

The LAST_MINUTE file, this time in snap-19981105/NetBSD-1.3H/ still
contains a few notes for those of you willing to experiment with
installation on 4M machines.

As always, please report any bugs found.


- H=E5vard