Subject: know of any Pentium-II motherboards using the Phoenix "ServerBIOS"?
To: NetBSD/i386 Discussion List <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/05/1998 23:15:13
Does anyone know of any Pentium-II motherboards using the Phoenix
"ServerBIOS"?  I.e. the one that offers a "serial remote console"?

There appear to be indications in Phoenix press releases (some available
on their web page, others outdated and only available in on-line
publications that happened to "print" them) that suggest Intel's new
boards, and I'm guessing the server-class boards (R440LX, T440BX, and
N440BX) are shipping with this BIOS, but I can't confirm this from
anything on Intel's web pages.  In fact their search engine finds no
match for "serverbios" anywhere inside any of their sites.

If I can find PII motherboards with support for a remote serial console
my decisions about server hardware will be made much easier....

Oh how much easier life would be if OpenBIOS were more than a twinkle in
some dreamer's eyes!  ;-)

							Greg A. Woods

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