Subject: Re: Interest in 19981006 X tarballs?
To: Robert V. Baron <>
From: Michael C. Ibarra <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/05/1998 19:31:41
I too have a need for an accelerated X server for my neomagic NM2070.
Perhaps if enough people ask they will begin disting it natively for
NetBSD as opposed to forcing us to use the FreeBSD version?


At 12:16 PM 11/6/98 +1300, Duncan McEwan wrote:
>> I am using the commercial Xig neomagic server.  I have the freebsd version
>> and it works fine under netbsd.
>This is exactly what I do, and apart from one very irritating problem I
find it
>works well for me too ...
>I'm running version 4.1 for FreeBSD (w/ some updates that I recently got from
>the xig ftp site) on a Digital HiNote 710 (that I think has an NM2160
>(MagicGraph128XD) graphics chipset).
>The problem is that if I run the server with the hardware cursor option the
>cursor displays as a square (64x64(?) pixel) block.  And with the software
>cursor, every so often the cursor starts leaving trails around the screen
>corrupt the display :-(  This often happens after running particular
>applications -- netscape, and the KDE environment that I've been playing with
>recently seem to the the worst culprits.
>I haven't contacted Xig about it because I figured that they wouldn't be that
>interested given that NetBSD is not supported.
>So, I wonder whether any of the others who are running the Xig server (on a
>HiNote 710, or other laptop hardware) are seeing a similar thing?