Subject: Re: putting a NetBSD disklabel on an IDE partition other than the 4th
To: None <>
From: Mirian Crzig Lennox <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/05/1998 17:51:23
"Perry E. Metzger" <> writes:
> I suspect your problem may have started there. I have no idea if the
> Linux tools know what a NetBSD disklabel looks like for real. I
> suspect they do not. Stick to just labeling the partition as a NetBSD
> partition and let NetBSD handle the disk label.

I think you're right.  Linux's fdisk knows just enough about NetBSD's
disklabel to confuse NetBSD.

So, is there any way to tell disklabel what IDE partition to write the
disklabel on (so that I can write a real, functional label to
partition 2)?  I tried RTFM without success.

> BTW, if you have a newish BIOS with int13 extensions, the new -current 
> boot code WILL handle booting past 1024 cylinders. (new == <month old)

This is something to try, though I'd prefer to avoid repartitioning
unless absolutely necessary.

> > However, I am
> > thwarted by NetBSD's expectation that its disklabel will be on
> > partition 4.
> NetBSD has no such expectation.

Oops, sorry for the assumption.

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