Subject: Re: New NetBSD-current/i386 snapshot
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-i386
Date: 11/05/1998 22:32:22
> > I have prepared a snapshot of NetBSD-current for i386 based
> > on sources from October 31 1998 (with one updated file from
> > Nov 1 so that the kernels could compile, I think it was
> > if_ne_isa.c).
> So you build it with a broken mountd.c.

Not only that, but I also overlooked the libpcap lossage, so the
tcpdump in the snapshot is also broken.  My new "make build"
based on yesterday's sources (plus the new __fts13.c) just
completed, and I hope to be able to package that up sometime
during this coming weekend.

BTW, the brokenness in mountd.c -- is that fixed now?  I see
there has been two commits to that file since Oct 31.

- H=E5vard